The Sweet jewellery box

I recieved a very fine commission this spring out of New York City. A very nice woman wanted a sweet jewellery box and this is what I made for her...

The woods we decided on were Pear, curly sycamore, and a little bit of holly.


Here I am hard a work starting to plane the curves into the lid panel.

And a few more details...


The feet...the curved lid panel...the sycamore edging along the bottom...the handle...I tried to work with all of these elements in as harmonious a way as possible. The whole box has a fairly sensuous feel to it, the pearwood sets that up right from the start, such as smooth, fine, tactile wood; it is always asking to be touched.


Here the box is almost finished, the ring holders have yet to be finished, and in this picture the handle is not in place. It is however the best image of the whole box and the interior.

It is interesting to see where ideas go...right after making this little box I was inspired to expand upon a couple of the ideas in this piece; mainly the curves in the panel of the lid and the wonderful combination of pear and sycamore that was used in this box. Finally, a year later I got around to taking those ideas to another level; for a look at what happened take a look at what I call Ode to Aphrodite.


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