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1: Final tweaking of the mortices helps the fitting process

2: All tenons are chamfered on the ends; this is especially importent on through joinery as chipping out can occur as the tenon slides through to the other side. Also, it gives a nice clean appearance in this case as they will protrude slightly.

3:A well fit tenon; no gaps to allow for play and movement in the future.

4: A short days work: all of the tenons of the upper rail laid out, sawn, trimmed, and fit.



1: The double tenons are now in the process of being fit.

2: A view of the outside corner of the top of the post, showing the newly fit tenons.

3: Things are begining to take shape as the structure is assembled.


1: A view of both frames on my benchroom floor, all joinery is finished and the next stages can now follow.

2: One frame, with all rails in place. Except for a some small things like sawing the kerfs for the wedges, all of the mortice and tenon work is now done.

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Works in Progress....The Workshop

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