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Okay, so here we go with another installment....after all it is summer time in the north and it's really hard to be as regular with the updates as in the winter season. So after a couple of weeks of multi-tasking on a two other projects (only a glimpse of the others is here on the site...) I have the most recent pics of the curved screen....coming together but not yet complete....

Okay, I know it's a bit sketchy but going over the pictures I realized how much of a gap there is and I just had to get something of the bent lamination stage in:



1) Shows all the lamination layers ready for the glue-up, there are eight per lamination for this, to make a total of 7/8" total thickness for the rail

2) The form is bolted onto the work table so there are no little problems during the glue-up. Also, there is serious clamping pressure brought to bear on this, so all must be in it's place from the bottom up.


3) Here we jump to the after lamination phase to the post cross-cut-post mortice phase...a big jump I know, but you didn't miss much...Here all the mortices are cut and the tenons will be next.

Here we go with the joinery happening...It was very exciting to have it all come together at this point and see the double curve actually there on the benchroom floor.

Then the process of fitting the panels begins. It is time comsuming; but with all the previous steps taken with care and the radii all lining up with each corresponding frame and panel, all went well and there was little to do but to scrape and sand each panel to fit into it's frame. This kind of work is rewarding but it is not the same as really shaping each piece with one's hands, such as carving or coopering. I did however, plane a corresponding convex or concave curve onto each vertical rail as they face a corresponding side of the screen.

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