Constructivist bookshelves (a pair)

Design: Robert Miranda (© 1998)

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The Workshop


Week 1: Dec. 14, 1998


1: Laying out the parts on the rough planks in preparation for sawing on the bandsaw.

2: Bandsawn veneers (birch, black walnut, fiddle-back maple), sawn to a fat 1/16"

3: The rough sawn parts fresh from the bandsaw. It is always a good idea to let things settle for a few days before begining the joinery.



1: Sawing phase: the birch test legs have been through all the stages of sawing; the walnut legs await the final pass through the saw. However, all the bevels have been cut.

2: The joinery begins. Mortices are all laid out according to the specifications of the drawings which have all been transferred over to a "story stick" (pictures of that later). The first mortices have been cut. Note that this project calls for squared off mortices and tenons; this will be done later by hand.




1: All mortices cut on the horizontal morticeing machine. Note, almost all mortices are bored all the way through the leg, tenons will be wedged after. In this case the tenons will be left square, so the mortices will be squared off to accomodate them.

2: Some of my hand tools used in the process of squaring and cleaning the mortices. Thankfully most of the work has been done by the machine.


1: Yes that's me trimming out the mortices.

2: A close up of the trimming operation. Note the angled block to maintain a consistent angle on every mortice. Here I am working on the double mortice.

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